CMENGathering Releases

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Important Information!

If you participate in any of the stage shows (Game Show, Talent Show, etc.), you automatically consent to have your picture taken during those shows only!

CMEN Photography Release and Restriction Form

My signature below irrevocably grants CMEN the right to use photographs of me taken during my participation at this gathering for the purpose of promoting events in print media or on its website. I also grant CMEN the copyright to any photographs taken of me and waive my right to inspect or approve the finished materials used strictly for the purpose of event promotion. This photography release form does not include the right for CMEN or any individual photographer to use images of me for any commercial purpose or to post images or videos of me on any non-CMEN-approved website. I also agree that all photographs I take are for private use only and any publication, internet posting, sharing, or other use of photographs I take or receive at this event must first be approved by CMEN, and will be limited to only CMEN-approved publications or websites. All persons attending this event who plan to take pictures or video of any kind must agree to and sign this portion of the form.

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