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Northern California Mid-Summer Gathering 2024

View of the Crystal Range

Plan now to join CMEN celebrating the warm, clothes-free days of summer at the Northern California Mid-Summer Gathering July 21 – 28, 2024, at a secluded 400-acre retreat center in California’s scenic Sierra Foothills east of Auburn.

NOTE:  NOTE:  Proof of full Covid-19 vaccinations, with booster(s), will be required to enter the camp, NO exceptions.

This all-male, all-nude event will include pool activities, scenic hikes, a variety of seminars and workshops, themed social hours, evening shows, dances, parties, lots of nude men and MUCH MORE!

CMEN’s first Northern California Gathering, held in August 2014, was a great success with 100 men attending. The following Northern California Gatherings were also a huge success with about 125 men attending each one. We made new friends and had a great time together.

We think you will greatly enjoy CMEN’s Northern California Mid-Summer Gathering!

Full Registration Includes:

  • Six days of all-male, all-nude, summer fun;
  • Accommodations include a choice of semi-private (2-person or 4-person) rooms, bunk cabins, or camping;
  • Large in-ground heated swimming pool;
  • Friendly relaxing atmosphere;
  • All Meals & Snacks;
  • Full Schedule of activities, including workshops, mountain hiking, pool activities, volleyball, pup mosh, themed social hours, evening entertainment, dancing, and parties.

Social Hour & Evening Themes

Among the highlights of each day at the CMEN gatherings are the late afternoon social hour parties and evening events.

Just for fun, the social hour parties and evening events have a different theme each day.

While nudity is still the overall rule, gathering attendees are encouraged (but not required) to wear accessories that correspond to the theme for the social hour and evening. Social hour “costumes” can range from a simple cap or hat to the outlandish. 

The 2024 Themes will be:

Monday, July 22: Uniforms and GearWear
Peruse an old International Male Catalog and go NUTS dressing up in your gear-wear!  Any sport will do… Or don your favorite uniform whether it be a worker going postal, military madness, cops, robbers, or cowboys.  Perhaps you’ll be emulating a football or baseball player in your athletic gear?  Strap on that Jock or shoulder pads, and score a touchdown with a new friend! Better yet, give him a wedgie!  If you’re feeling girly, how about an outfit that involves pom-poms, a pig-tailed wig and a teensy skirt with nothin’ underneath! 

Tuesday, July 23: Mellow Yellow (Showers or otherwise!)
Take a Big Yellow Taxi to Social Hour in your Yellow Jacket with a yellow rose of Texas upon your lapel. Come donned in your Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini! They’ll call you Mellow Yellow in your saffron robe or your Big Bird outfit. Need ideas? Check the Yellow Pages, if you can still find them! Tie a yellow ribbon ‘round your old oak “tree.” You’ll be singing “Yellow Submarine” dressed as Snoopy’s pal: Woodstock. You’ll catch Yellow Fever in sulfur-colored fireman’s gear or in a flasher’s raincoat! Choose from a cast of lemon-colored characters: Tweety Bird, Colonel Mustard, Bart Simpson, a scary Ronald McDonald, Pikachu, Pac Man or Curious George’s friend: the man with the yellow hat. Grab your number two pencil and be a Yellow Journalist.  Just don’t have a “code-yellow” in your SpongeBob Squarepants! And remember: yellow showers bring banana boners.

Wednesday, July 24: Animal Instincts / Pup Play

OK all of you Furries… time to don your favorite fur and animal outfits!  Or wear your animal prints today… a leopard, a panther, or how about birds of a feather?

Nature is calling this afternoon… it’s Pup Play time… time to put on your mask and start barking, howling, snuggling or joining a puppy pile!

Thursday, July 25: Leather or Knot!
Yes Sir!  The masculine aroma of men in black leather fills the air.  Will tonight be the night of your fantasies?  Look your best in polished motorcycle boots, a black leather cap, armbands, a harness, and/or other leather accessories.   Knot into leather?  How about lassoing yourself (or your boy) in ropes?!  Tie the knot tonight with your favorite man!

Friday, July 26: Life’s a Drag
Dress to sparkle and dazzle this afternoon.   Perhaps you’ll find paradise in a glorious ensemble, in a totally silly frock, or in the man wearing one… Everyone’s a Queen this afternoon whether you’re wearing a tiara, a crown or just wish you had the nerve!  The highlight of the evening will be the Miss CMEN Queen contest!

Saturday, July 27: Halloween in July
It’s Transylvania.  A coyote howls in the distance butt is it really a coyote?  (Could it be someone sexually moaning in Stiffy Lube?!).  This afternoon you can wear your favorite nightmare… or anything that you’d wear on the Gay National Holiday of HALLOWEEN! Will Jekyl and Hyde transformations engulf you?  Dress in your scariest outfit this evening… if you dare!

Session Options — Register Early!

Three session options are available:

  • Full Gathering, July 22-28
  • Extended weekend, July 25-28
  • Weekend, July 26-28

Options and prices are available on the registration form.

Space is limited, you’ll want to register early, as previous fall events have sold out. Don’t be left out! There will be no registration at the site, and all men must be at least 21 years old to attend this event.

Come to Northern California in July for the great sunny warm weather, the warm naked men, the friendly atmosphere, the naked hugs, and much more!

The Northern California Mid-Summer Gathering is hosted by CMEN, an international social organization for gay and bisexual men who enjoy nude social and recreational activities.

First time attending a CMEN naturist event? Check out the Attending your First Gathering page.

Retreat Center Cabins
Dining Hall
Pup Mosh at Nor Cal Gathering 2022

Southern California West Coast Gathering August 2024

Sign up now to attend CMEN’s flagship gathering, West Coast Gathering 2024, August 18-26, at a conference center nestled in Southern California’s scenic San Bernardino Mountains east of Big Bear Lake, only 88 miles east of Los Angeles. This 54th all nude gathering includes several session options: the full week session, a half week session or weekend session. Proof of full Covid-19 vaccinations will be required to enter the camp, NO exceptions.  For more information visit the West Coast Gathering page.

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Photos by anonymous and Rick B.

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