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Hang out at Los Angeles & Palm Springs Area Weekend Events

Pool parties are a great time to be with friendsJoin the Fun! CMEN – Los Angeles holds a variety of all nude social and recreational events, including pool parties, cocktail parties, and potlucks for gay naturist men in the Greater Los Angeles & Palm Springs Area throughout the year.

Community of Men Enjoying Naturism (CMEN) is an organization for gay and bisexual men who enjoy nude social and recreational activities. As naturists we enjoy being nude, preferably outdoors, for social and recreational activities. We enjoy the freedom of being without clothes whenever possible and practical. CMEN sponsors all nude naturist social and recreational activities which promote male bonding, friendship, and acceptance.

CMEN Los Angeles events are private events for CMEN Los Angeles members in good standing. Membership and attendance at CMEN activities and events is limited to men at least 21 years old. Most events are held at private homes, and typically range in size from 10 to 100 members. Reservations are required for all CMEN Los Angeles events, sign up for the invitation list to learn how to attend local CMEN events.

Los Angeles and Palm Springs Events:

All members must show proof of vaccination for Covid-19, including booster shots, to attend CMEN events.  Please follow Los Angeles County Covid-19 guidelines.

  • August 23 – September 1 – CMEN West Coast Gathering, East of Big Bear, CA
  • September 3, 4, 5 – 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. CMEN Palm Springs Labor Day Weekend Pool Parties

Details will be emailed to members.  You must be a current CMEN member to attend these events.

Calendar at a Glance:

Reservations are required, members reserve for CMEN events on the reservations page by the Thursday before the event, unless the announcement indicates a required coupon or different deadline. Please do not reserve until you receive an emailed invitation with event location and details. You must be on the email list to receive an invitation. Space is limited at most events.

All members are expected to bring their own towels, beverages to drink, and food to share to CMEN and LANG events as indicated in the event listing. Carpooling is encouraged to help with parking in our hosts neighborhoods.

*Reserve for LANG, MENSWALK, CMG and other club events as indicated in the calendar or emailed invitations, additional information available at each organization’s websites. Please note that CMEN does not control the content of linked websites and listed events, the organizations who own these websites and sponsor these events accept sole responsibility for their content.

For More Information:

CMEN sponsors all nude naturist social and recreational activities for members which promote male bonding, friendship, and acceptance of our natural bodies. This website provides information about being invited to an upcoming event and becoming a member.

Naturism encourages body acceptance, self-respect, respect for others and respect for the environment. Being nude makes one more open and honest about himself, and more accepting of others. If clothes make the man, then nudity makes everyone more equal. Gay naturists experience a camaraderie unequaled in any clothed situation.

Get Invited! Sign up to receive e-mail invitations to CMEN Gatherings and Local Events

Exploring nature on a hikeFirst time attending a naturist event? Check out the Attending your First Event and Event Guidelines pages.

Membership in CMEN Los Angeles is limited to men at least 21 years old who agree to follow the event guidelines and are accepted by the organization. Annual dues are $3.00 per person for local events only and $7.00 per person for local and international events.

CMEN is affiliated with Gay Naturists International and is among over 200 men’s naturist groups throughout North America, the Pacific Islands and Europe. CMEN joins GNI in supporting healthy, legal, non-sexual nude recreation.

West Coast Gathering August 2022

Sign up now to attend CMEN’s flagship gathering, West Coast Gathering 2022, Aug 23- Sept 1, 2022, at a conference center nestled in Southern California’s scenic San Bernardino Mountains east of Big Bear Lake. This 47th all nude gathering includes several session options: the full 9 day session, a full week session, a half week session or either weekend session. For more information visit the West Coast Gathering page.

Photos by Jim Mc Donald