First time at a Naturist Event?

CMEN Los Angeles and CMEN Arizona hold a variety of events, including pool parties, cocktail parties, potlucks, card nights and massage parties throughout the year.  These are private events for CMEN members.  Our members come form a variety of backgrounds, some have been to nude beaches, some live a nudist lifestyle at home. For others, this is their first time nude in a social environment.

Attendance at CMEN activities and events is limited to current CMEN members who must be men at least 21 years old.

What to Bring:

For weekend afternoon and evening events please bring a towel to sit on. Comfortable footwear is recommended. Also, please bring your own beverages to drink and food to share as indicated in the party announcement. Most events allow alcoholic beverages (in moderation) unless specified otherwise in the announcement.  A small fee to help cover expenses is charged at most parties as indicated on the announcement, this should be paid when you arrive.  Please review the event announcement for any other requirements.

It is recommended you bring a backpack or gym bag to place your clothes in. If the announcement indicates that lockers are available you may also wish to bring a lock to ensure that your clothes are secure, most CMEN events, however, do not have lockers available. Please avoid bringing more that a few dollars or valuables to the party.

When to Arrive:

You should plan to arrive and leave with the member that you are a guest of. When you arrive you will check in at the door with the member that you are a guest of. You should generally arrive as close to the designated starting time of the event as possible.  If you are attending as a guest of the club you should receive instructions by email.

After you check in, you will be directed to the changing area where you can get undressed and leave your clothes.

What to Expect:

These naturist events are much like other social events, you will find men hanging out in a social atmosphere and participating in the planned activities. The biggest difference is that everyone is nude. We hope you will also find a greater sense of camaraderie and mutual acceptance.

Most events have a designated outdoor area for smoking unless specified otherwise in the announcement.

For additional information see our naturist event guidelines.

Statement on Sexuality:

CMEN and CMEN Los Angeles join GNI in supporting healthy, legal, non-sexual nude recreation.

CMEN and CMEN Los Angeles, as GNI affiliated clubs, acknowledge that sex is natural, but sex is not equated with naturism. GNI affiliated clubs respect all of their members for their individuality, whether or not they choose to express their sexuality, and shall endeavor to respect individual sensibilities as may be appropriate, and encourage their members to do the same. In addition, all sexually active individuals are encouraged to practice safe sex.

CMEN events are naturist events. Sexual activity is generally not appropriate during CMEN events, however, some events will be followed by “after hours” were sexual activity may be allowed, this will be stated on the event announcement, feel free to ask the host for specifics.

For more information:

Learn more about naturist event guidelines.

Get invited to CMEN events.

Note: A CMEN Membership Form must be submitted as a prerequisite to attend CMEN events: Submit the CMEN Membership Form

Still have questions? For more information, contact CMEN at 1-877-NUDIST-1 (1-877-683-4781) or contact CMEN Los Angeles at (310) 289-4115.

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