Dungeon Events

Group dungeon events are an opportunity to meet other leather guys and learn more about Kink or BDSM play.  CMEN members provide a dungeon at the West Coast Gathering as a space for classes, instruction and play.

Group dungeon events require rules be followed and provide a Dungeon Monitor (DM) who helps ensure that all play is safe, sane and consensual. The dungeon monitor always has final say on safety issues and can stop a scene that is not safe, sane and consensual.

CMEN Dungeon House Rules: Safe, Sane and Consensual Play

  • Do not enter the dungeon when it is closed. Play is only allowed when a Dungeon Monitor (DM) is present.
  • All Play must be Consensual. Do not touch anyone without asking permission first. “NO” means “NO” if asking someone to play. Consent can be withdrawn at any time during a scene.
  • All parties must negotiate and agree to all the details of a scene including who is involved, roles and what can be included.
  • Play Safely and Use Common Sense – fire play, knife play and breath play are not allowed. We are in a dry brush area miles from the closest hospital.
  • Safe word “RED” means “STOP”, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Anyone in any form of restraints cannot be left unattended.
  • Keep it Sane ‐ know what you are doing, understand any risks, avoid impairment by drugs or alcohol. If you aren’t sure ask.
  • Proper Dungeon Etiquette required. Do not disrupt someone else’s scene.
  • Show courtesy to everyone in attendance.
  • Do not touch other people’s property without permission.
  • Completely clean the area when you are finished.
  • Photography is generally not allowed unless arrangements have been made with the Dungeon Monitor in advance.
  • Dungeon Monitors have final say on safety issue.
  • All Play is done at YOUR OWN RISK.

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