Fall 2019 Social Hour & Evening Themes

Social Hour 2010Among the highlights of each day at the West Coast Gatherings are the late afternoon social hour parties and evening events.

Just for fun, the social hour parties and evening events have a different theme each day. While nudity is still the overall rule, gathering attendees are encouraged (but not required) to wear accessories that correspond to the theme for the social hour and evening.

Social hour “costumes” can range from a simple cap or hat to the outlandish.

Suggestions for themes for CMEN’s West Coast Gathering 2019 were proposed by past Gathering participants. These suggested themes were reviewed and after months of deliberation the final themes for 2019 were selected:

Monday, August 19th: Mad Hatter
The Mad Hatter has arrived butt can’t decide which hat to wear.  What would you suggest?  A bonnet, beanie or bowler?  What hat would your friends say is you?  A Panama, pillbox, pork-pie or pith helmet?  Wear your favorite cap, crown, fedora, trilby, deer-stalker, straw hat, top-hat, or even tiara!  The options are endless.  Be like Prince in his raspberry beret, or like your favorite cowboy in a ten-gallon hat (Bareback Mountain-style).  Or go Village people-style with a construction hard-hat or a leather chapeau.   Go all-out Jock with a Football Helmet, a sports visor, or a swimmer’s cap.  Be like the Cat in the Hat or mix and match a Santa’s cap with a sombrero!  Let’s show those Brits how it’s done during a Royal wedding!  Not feeling super creative?  Keep it simple and wear your favorite sports team’s baseball cap!  No MAGA hats please!

Hawaiian Luau Social HourTuesday, August 20th: Malibu Memories
What could be more memorable than our Malibu Gatherings in Camp?  Wear your seaside attire to celebrate the closeness of Malibu Beach.  Schlep out some poolside noodles and get creative!  Come dressed as a Yurt, the forbidden waterfall, or the nearby satellite dishes!  How about dressing up as an annoying wasp?  A llama?  The elusive mountain lion?  The Malibu sky’s the limit!

Wednesday, August 21st: Devils and Angels (revised)
Will you go to hell in a hand basket or climb the stairway to heaven?  Will you be the sinful, cursed Lucifer or will you experience the rapture and the glory with St. Peter?  Will you be that devil with the blue dress on?  Or that angel that heaven is missing? Satan or the Church Lady? Where will the Grim Reaper take you… to that Divine Cloud Nine; or to the fires of everlasting damnation!  Will it be a match made in Heaven… or one big infernal matchstick?  Will you be eating angel-hair pasta or devil’s food cake?!  So many eternal questions!  Will you don a halo… or horns?  The pearly gates… or the gates of hell?  Who will you be greeting… the blessed Gandhi or the blasphemous Hitler?  Will Gabriel be blowing his celestial horn… or will you be razing hell blowing him?  Hath hell frozen over… or will you be making snow angels?  Will you be knockin’ on Heaven’s door or be a heretic demonic heathen tormented in the after world?  You could mix and match and be that fallen archangel of the morning or the devil who wears Prada? Heaven knows: it’s not the way it should be!

Thursday, August 22nd: Leather or Knot
Yes Sir!  The masculine aroma of men in black leather fills the air.  Will tonight be the night of your fantasies?  Look your best in polished motorcycle boots, a black leather cap, armbands, a harness, and/or other leather accessories.  Can you “whip” something up with your favorite color hankie?  Wear your favorite chaps, vest, jacket, biker’s hat, gloves, or perhaps take it one step further with chains or chain-“male.”   Demonstrations and the Mr. CMEN Leather contest are scheduled for this afternoon and evening. Who will win this pre-IML contest? A victory dance will follow the show.

Leathermen at leather theme social hourFriday, August 23rd: The White Party!
No need to have white knuckles today… just get out your fleece as white as snow!  Like white on rice, be the Pope, a bishop or maybe Gandalf?  Be white as a sheet as a ghost, a goblin or a mummy!  Raise the white flag today with an Elvis Presley-style white leisure suit jacket, a toga, a lily-white sheikh costume or your Navy whites.  Come as an albino, a white elephant, a polar bear, a swan or a white-winged dove!  Feeling girly… then dress up as Princess Leia or as nurse Florence White-ingale?  Or how about something creative made out of toilet-paper, cotton candy, or Wonder Bread?  We suppose it’s too early for a White Christmas, butt you can always keep it simple and wear your best Tighty-Whities!

Saturday, August 24th: Hollywood, Here I Cum!
Lights, Camera, Action!  Curtain Up!  Are you ready for your close-up?  Your favorite Hollywood icon can now be YOU as you dress up Tinsel Town-style!  Will you be a drama-queen or a tragic leading man?  A featured role, part of the off-screen crew, or a type-cast actor in a sub-plot with no dialog?  Ask your agent which character you’d entertain or take a screen test for SAG/AFTRA, then see your name light up the marquee!  Let’s roll out the red carpet (as long as it matches the drapes)!   Now that’s a wrap!

Sunday, August 25th: Queens for a Day (revised)
Dress to sparkle and shimmer this afternoon.   Perhaps you’ll find paradise in a glorious ensemble, in a totally silly frock, or in the man wearing one…  Who will win our hearts?  Cleopatra?  The Queen of Hearts?  Disney’s Ice Queen?  Everyone’s a Queen this afternoon whether you’re wearing a tiara, a crown or just wish you had the nerve!  How about emulating a REAL queen like Elton or Liberace?! The highlight of the evening will be the Miss CMEN Queen contest, hosted by none-other than the sultry, yet saucy:  Miss Ida Ho!  Who will win the CMEN equivalent of the Academy Awards?

Mardi Gras Social Hour 2001Monday, August 26th: Everything Orange
Sweet potatoes, pumpkins and papayas.  Go ahead, use stuff around camp:  a life vest, a traffic cone, a basketball or a carrot.  Like clockwork, orange is such a happy color!  Orange you glad you’re not Anita Bryant?  Me too!  Orange is everywhere… and this afternoon, everything is Orange!

Tuesday, August 27th: Mardi Gras
It’s Carnival time, boys!  Calling all jesters, harlequins and heck, anyone wearing a peacock feather!  Don your beads, masks and skimpy outfits and let’s show New Orleans (and Rio!) how to put on a party!  It’s Fat Tuesday and Ass Wednesday is just around the corner so wear anything green, purple or gold!  What are YOU willing to show us to get some beads?  It’s a carnival of ideas and fun, so pull out all the stops for the ultimate celebration. The Mardi Gras celebration culminates in a parade of debauchery.  Anyone for King Cake?

Volunteers are welcome to help with these and other proposed theme related evening activities, please note any special interest when sending in the registration form.

Sound like fun? Why not tell a friend? For further details contact CMEN at 1-877-NUDIST-1 (1-877-683-4781)
Photography By: Rick B.