West Coast Gathering 2021 Social Hour & Evening Themes

Social Hour 2010Among the highlights of each day at the West Coast Gatherings are the late afternoon social hour parties and evening events.

Just for fun, the social hour parties and evening events have a different theme each day. While nudity is still the overall rule, gathering attendees are encouraged (but not required) to wear accessories that correspond to the theme for the social hour and evening.

Social hour “costumes” can range from a simple cap or hat to the outlandish.

Suggestions for themes for CMEN’s West Coast Gathering 2021 were proposed by past Gathering participants. These suggested themes were reviewed and after months of deliberation the final themes were selected:

Mardi Gras Social Hour 2001Friday, August 20: Silver and Gold
Golden eye, Gold Finger, Goldilocks, Goldie Hawn, Whoopie Goldberg, Golda Meir (My-Rear?!?).  Any [Au]some outfit will do!   If your gold outfit doesn’t “pan” out, then how about a Silverback Gorilla, a Silver fox, Silver surfer, or an ensemble right out of Silverlake?  Anything 24-carat will do… or get creative as a goldfish, a silver fish, a goldfinch, a golden retriever, some silverware, the golden gate bridge, or one of the Golden Girls!  Any outfit can have a silver lining!

Saturday, August 21: Men in Uniform
Ah, there’s nothing like the smell of a man in uniform! (…except maybe a man OUT of his uniform!)  Who are your favorite uniformed men? Are they the royal red troopers that you dream of mounting or the aces in the sky that you want to ride off with into the sunset? Or maybe it’s the officers who preserve the peace, the doctors who heal, or the postmen who deliver?  Major military madness might be upon us this afternoon. Will you be Dishonorably Discharged for Disorderly Conduct or for going AWOL?  Play Cops and Robbers, or Cowboys and Indians. Come in a Wrestling uniform or as the High-school nurse!  Wear your favorite uniform accessories and serve!

Sunday, August 22: Pajama Party
It’s Pajama Party Sleep-Over time!  What do YOU wear to bed?  If we know the CMEN crowd, it’s your birthday suit gone commando all the way.  But this afternoon, let’s PRETEND that you wear something to bed!  Will it be a lacy lingerie or silky boxer? A Onesie, Tighty-whities, a Jock-strap, or simply being naked with only a cock-ring? A simple flannel shirt, a dazzling night-gown, or a shirtless teddy bear?  And let’s not forget the night-time routine: cucumber facial masks, head towel, and freshly polished nails!  So Bone-up for the sleep-over and let’s Pillow-Fight and Party!

Hawaiian Luau Social HourMonday, August 23: Back to Nature
Nothing could be more natural than being a Naturist but how about adding a little of Mother Nature’s bounty like a sprig of twigs, a leavening of leaves, or a flourishing of flowers!?  Natural colors are in order this afternoon: the greens of summer, the browns of fall or maybe some amber waves of grain!  Or find inspiration from the Radical Faeries – embrace your pagan side, take a stand against gay-commercialized outfits and Get Back to Nature through environmentally-sustainable evening-wear, or outfits that reflect your unique ritual or spiritual practice. Go for a stroll through the nearby forest for ideas and wear anything organic today!

Tuesday, August 24: Wigstock
Will it be an Afro, a Bob, a Mullet, or a Toupee?!  Make Cher jealous in a lovely blonde fall.  Don’t be a drag… be a queen by visiting Miss Ida Ho’s Drag N Fly boutique for a Beehive, a Flip or anything you think RuPaul or Lady Bunny would don!  Take Stock in your Wig this afternoon and have fun!

Wednesday, August 25: Tiaras, Stilettos and Rouge, Oh My!
Dress to sparkle and dazzle this afternoon.  Everyone’s a Queen so crown your head with a diamond-crusted cock-ring or a pageant tiara.  Bring your favorite stiletto — whether it’s a 10-inch thick piece of meat, or 6-inch designer heels. Dress to kill in a glorious evening gown ensemble or a totally silly frock. Brush on some rouge and Work It on the Run-way! The highlight of the evening will be the Miss CMEN Queen contest, hosted by none-other than the sultry, yet saucy: Miss Ida Ho!

Leathermen at leather theme social hourThursday, August 26: Whips and Chains
Do the pheromones of a man in leather whip you into an orgasmic frenzy? If the answer is “Yes Sir!” then tonight is your night to get intoxicated.  Polish your motorcycle boots, muscle into your armbands, tighten your harness, or perhaps take it one step further with chains or chain-“male.” It’s time to wear your favorite leather and chain accessories, and be prepared to smell, lick, whip, spank, suck and cum.  Attend a Leather Workshop at the Dungeon throughout the day and enter the Mr. CMEN Leather Contest scheduled this evening.  Who will win this pre-IML contest? A victory dance will follow the show.

Friday, August 27: Purple Haze
In a haze on what to wear? Go Royal. Go Professor Plum. Wear violet. Drink cabernet sauvignon! Time to break out that amethyst jewelry, or get creative with a few eggplants! Finally a time to don that Purple Hat. Get passionate with anything between crimson and blue… and let it RAIN PURPLE!

Saturday, August 28: Wild Wild West
When Horace Greeley coined the phrase “go west young man,” he could never have imagined how things would change… Do you imagine yourself riding the open prairie, workin’ on a railroad or in a boom town saloon? Who is your favorite folk hero? What is your favorite western movie? Throw on your hat, boots, and other accessories this evening pardner. Country barbecue and country dancing are among the planned activities.

Volunteers are welcome to help with these and other proposed theme related evening activities, please note any special interest when sending in the registration form.

Photography By: Rick B.