Mr. CMEN Award Winners Announced

Mr. CMEN Award 2016

Mr. CMEN 2016 Norm W. (center) with past Mr. CMEN Winners

In 2016 CMEN Leadership announced changes to the Mr. CMEN 2016 contest and title. During the Spring, CMEN members who had attended past gatherings were invited to nominate fellow members who they believed best:

  • promote CMEN activities, parties and events,
  • help plan and present workshops and activities,
  • share information about CMEN with others,
  • help build the CMEN community.

Two men were selected for Mr. CMEN 2016, Norm W. from Suffolk, VA and Charley B. from Los Angeles, CA. Norm was presented with his crown and sash at a coronation ceremony on Saturday, Sept. 3, Charley was presented his crown and sash later in the week. Jim M. and John H. served as Emcees, selection of the winners was made prior to the evening event by an appointed committee.

Mr. CMEN Contest 2015

In 2015, as in years prior, Mr. CMEN was selected from contestants competing onstage. In 2015 Danny B. from Austin, TX was crowned Mr. CMEN 2015, the man who best represents the spirit of gay naturism and the CMEN gathering.

DC B from San Francisco, CA was first runner up, Ken W from DeLand, FL was second runner up. Paul C, Mr. CMEN 2008 served as Master of Ceremonies.

Contestants were interviewed by a panel of judges prior to the on stage portion of the contest, questions determine their participation in and knowledge about the gay naturist community.

On-stage the contestants compete against each other based on responses to questions, speaking ability, physique and personality.

The contestant crowned Mr. CMEN represented CMEN at pride festivals and other events during the following year.

All registered gathering participants were eligible to compete in the Mr. CMEN contest, except for past Mr. CMEN contest winners.

Past Mr. CMEN Contest & Award Winners

  • Mr. CMEN 2016 – Norm W. from Suffolk, VA and Charley B. from Los Angeles, CA
  • Mr. CMEN 2015 – Danny B. from Austin, TX.
  • Mr. CMEN 2014 – Gary W. from Santa Barbara, CA.
  • Mr. CMEN 2013 – Rick B. from Los Angeles, CA.
  • Mr. CMEN 2012 – Drew S. from San Diego, CA.
  • Mr. CMEN 2011 – Mike H. from Bakersfield, CA
  • Mr. CMEN 2010 – Vanayak from Palm Springs, CA
  • Mr. CMEN 2009 – Richard M. from Forked River, New Jersey.
  • Mr. CMEN 2008 – Paul C. from Reno, NV.
  • Mr. CMEN 2007 – Rey T. from Palm Springs CA
  • Mr. CMEN 2005 – Rick P. from Pahoa, Hawaii.
  • Mr. CMEN 2004 – Eddie from Los Angeles, CA.
  • Mr. CMEN 2003 – Jim S. from New Jersey.
  • Mr. CMEN 2002 – Mark L. from Ventura, CA
  • Mr. CMEN 2001 – Rich B. from Florida
  • Mr. CMEN 2000 – Frank from Vancouver, Canada

Note: we are working to update the missing information on this page for past contests.

Eddie, Mr. CMEN 2004 with runners up Anthony and David
Jim, Mr. CMEN 2003 with runners up Gary and Scott
Mr. Cmen 2010 Vinayak

Other Contests

Other West Coast Gathering contests include:

Photography By: Kyle, Jim Mc Donald and Rob D.

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